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October 12, 2015
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Do you have a broken tooth? A gap between your teeth? Do you want it fixed, but don't want to spend thousands? No problem - Corporate Pointe Dental in Culver City offers cosmetic dental bonding treatment.Bonding

What is dental bonding?
Bonding is the process of using a hard, tooth-colored resin material to reshape teeth. It gets its name from the fact that the resin is "bonded" to the tooth being treated. After application, the bonding can be polished to look just like your other teeth.

What can bonding fix?
Bonding is great for dental repairs as well as cosmetic fixes. For instance, a small cavity can be fixed with the bonding material because it matches the tooth. Bonding can cover up and protect an exposed root from gum recession. A gap between teeth can be filled in with appropriately sculpted dental bonding. Finally, bonding can be used to change the shape or length of teeth, creating a more even smile.

In other words, bonding is a perfect solution to many dental and cosmetic problems. Ask your Culver City dentist for an evaluation to see if bonding is right for you!

How much does it cost?
Bonding is relatively inexpensive in comparison to dental implants and veneers. However, remember to check with your insurance plan for details. Many dental plans charge less for fixing structural problems or cavities, which can greatly reduce your cost.

How long does it take?
Usually about an hour, or just one visit to our cosmetic dentistry office in Culver City. It can sometimes take more time, of course, depending on the number of teeth being bonded.

How is bonding done?
Your dentist will first etch the tooth that's being treated and coat it with an adhesive substance to help the bonding attach. The material will start out as a putty-like substance, which your dentist will carefully sculpt. When that's finished, a laser or ultraviolet light will harden the material. Finally, your dentist will sculpt and polish the resin into its final shape. And you're done!

How do I take care of bonding?
Regular dental hygiene should be sufficient. But if you have any concerns or questions, don't be afraid to ask your dentist.

How long does bonding last?
With good care, dental bonding can last for years.

Ready for your new smile? Call (310) 417-8177 today, or visit Corporate Pointe Dental in Culver City to see what cosmetic dentistry can do for you!

July 01, 2011
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