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Cosmetic Dentistry can help correct various problems, from mal-aligned teeth, broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth, worn out teeth, usually a combination of these.

It is primarily to improve the overall appearance of the teeth and the smile, but also to improve the function of the masticatory system, such as when we increase the length of the front teeth creating a more favorable relationship between the upper and lower arches. It helps protect the teeth and avoid further damage. The Temporomandibular Joint (the joint that connects the Mandible to the base of the skull) also improves its function, sometimes resolving the symptoms and pain associated with TMJ dysfunction.

It is not only a matter of vanity. We noticed over the years, after working on many cases, one result that it is not talked about is the improvement in self-esteem and degree of happiness! No Kidding! When the patient perceives his teeth as not attractive some tend to have a low upper lip smile like trying to hide the teeth, it is an unconscious strategy to prevent ridicule. Others may even avoid contact with people altogether.

This was the case of Mr. Joe (fictitious name). Mr. Joe is a long time patient of our practice; he would come regularly for his schedule Tooth Cleanings. He did not have any major tooth problems because we took care of those over the years. He was always very serious, never smiled and wouldn’t talk much. He had a thick mustache which covered most of his upper lip. Well, we assumed that this was who he was, and we respected that. One day we started the discussion of Cosmetic Improvements to his teeth, he finally confided that he wouldn’t smile much because he did not like the way his teeth looked! “People think that I’m always mad!” he said.  That was so sad! It was at the same time a happy moment because we knew we could give Mr. Joe’s Groove back! We did 10 Porcelain Veneers that corrected the discolored and crooked teeth, and we rebuilt the worn out front teeth incisal edges. Mr. Joe was so happy! Happier was his wife that came to our office to thank us for changing his life! Mr. Joe became a more outgoing and friendly person who would smile a lot more. In truth, this was the REAL Mr. Joe!

There are many procedures and techniques we use to improve someone smile. It depends on the individual needs, such as:

  • Teeth Whitening: If the main issue is Color, we start with the Teeth Whitening treatment and observe the results. In some cases that are all the patient needs.

  • Cosmetic contouring and shaping: If the teeth are mildly out of alignment or one a little longer than the others, enameloplasty can create more harmony among the teeth and to the smile.

  • Gum Contouring: Gingivectomy or crown lengthening can correct problems when the Gum line lacks symmetry or are uneven. If the Gum line is too low, it makes the teeth look short and squared; removing some of that gum exposes parts of the teeth that were submerged in it, making the teeth look longer and bigger. It also helps improve the gum health because we eliminate the gingival pockets that were present.

  • Tooth Bonding: The patient may have discolorations caused by dental decay or old tooth fillings that may be broken, chipped or discolored. The new Composite resin materials are stronger and have excellent properties that mimic the appearance of natural tooth structure. It can also correct minor problems of shape and alignment. (Tooth fillings link)

  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain Veneers are thin facets of Porcelain that are highly esthetic that can provide major changes to the teeth shape and smile. If the teeth are broken, worn out, out of alignment. See our Smile Gallery with before and after photos.


    Can you tell if these are real teeth or Porcelain Veneers?


  • “A Great Cosmetic work result should not only improve the appearance but also be credible! The appearance of the teeth and smile should look exactly like the natural teeth; otherwise it hasn’t accomplished its goal.”


  • Dental Crowns and Bridges: If the teeth need greater changes or are broken down they may need to be covered with crowns, or if they are missing, they need bridges. The new materials we have available today are a lot better than in the past, and we can create an outstanding restoration that copies nature like never before.


The individual needs will dictate what has to be done. It is usually a combination of one or more of the techniques described. But it is not a cure all treatment modality. If the teeth are extremely out of alignment and/ or the bite is off it may require Orthodontics or Braces before we work on the other items.


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