Same Day Dentistry In Culver City and Los Angeles Metro area

Corporate Pointe Dental is pleased to offer you same day crowns!

We invested in the latest technology to fabricate crowns and bridges at our site. The restoration comes to life in front of your very own eyes. If you had a crown made before, you probably remember the unpleasant gooey material stuffed in your mouth, that almost made you choke, and then had to wait 2 weeks to have your crown back from the Lab. That’s a thing from the past! Now we can make your crown in 1 hour, while you relax, read a magazine, or take a nap. It is super convenient because you don’t have to come back, taking another time off work or school.

We take a Digital Scan from your mouth which is stored in the computer. This amazing software allows us to design your crown to your specifications. This image is sent to a machine called the Milling Center that will carve your crown out of a solid block of porcelain. It is simple like that!

Besides the convenience, the quality of these restorations is superior to the conventional technique because:

  • It is a Digital Scam, so it is more precise. There are not distortions inherent to the conventional materials and technique;

  • The quality of the material is superior because it does not have metal in its core. Some patients have allergy to metals, which could cause a lifelong problem. Also, the use of the old technique leaves rough edges at the margins of the restoration that irritates the gum tissue around it;

  • This New type of Porcelain has outstanding esthetic characteristics that mimic the teeth appearance. It can be customized to your individual case, when pigments can be added to get a perfect match to the adjacent teeth;

  • Corrections can be made on the spot. Before a new impression had to be taken, and the crown sent to the Lab for another 2 weeks, and

  • The material is very strong and durable.

Ask today if an E4D restoration is right for you.