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Corporate Pointe Dental offers a wide array of Dental Services including Family Dentistry and General Dentistry.

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Initial Oral Examination

We will gather your personal and Health History information perform a visual exam including the assessment of your teeth, gums and overall mouth condition; and take X-rays which will lead to the diagnosis of your condition. Based on this we will draft a Treatment Plan with recommendations.

Most patients desire to have the teeth cleaned at this visit, so we’ll be happy to do so.

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Orthodontics, Braces

We don’t currently perform nor have an Orthodontist in staff, but we have a network of highly skilled and experienced professionals that we can refer you to. We believe that this is a highly specialized Specialty of Dentistry, and even among them, there are some who are more skilled and can handle different cases better. Some Orthodontists work better with adults, while others, with children. We look at your case and recommend the best fit for you.

The Orthodontist takes care of the Braces, but you still need to have your teeth prepared prior to the start of the treatment, and maintenance along the way, especially because it will be a lot more difficult to keep your teeth clean. We work closely with the Orthodontists and monitor the progression of the treatment; making requests for them to correct issues that we think it need to be addressed. The most critical point is when the Braces is about to come out! We must be sure that the corrections needed were made before you finish the treatment, otherwise it will be a permanent problem or you’ll have to have it treated again. We’ll watch your back!

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dr. Tomita has extensive experience and training in Prosthodontics. It is a Dental Specialty which deals with Crowns, bridges, and Dentures.

We plan and design Dentures that fit well, are comfortable, functional, and that have a Natural look.

Periodontal or Gum Treatment

The initial assessment will indicate the need for Gum treatment beyond a basic tooth cleaning.

This is the leading cause of tooth loss today. It is usually silent until the condition is a lot worse. We’ll detect, treat and take measures to avoid the worsening of the condition.

TMJ Treatment

You probably heard of TMJ dysfunction specially if you experienced facial pain or discomfort, popping jaw, or painful joint, had opened your mouth and not being able to close, headaches on the side of the head above the ears, or ringing ears.

TMJ stands for Temporo- Mandibular Joint. It is the joint that connects the mandible (the jaw bone) to the base of your skull. All the movements of eating, talking, and yawning are guided by this joint. It is a very complex system that includes the bone, muscle, teeth, and ligaments. There are different causes for the problem, but usually is related to the teeth. Sometimes it is hard to determine exactly the cause.

The use of Dental Appliances, Braces, or Restorative Work can improve the function and reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms.

Please call so that we can do an assessment and recommend the appropriate type of treatment.