As part of our Culver City family dental services, we treat cavities, which are also referred to as dental caries. Dental decay or caries is an infectious transmissible disease caused by the bacteria present in the dental plaque, that digests carbohydrates breaking it down in by-products including acids. These acids etch the enamel surface removing minerals, which lead to the erosion of the superficial layer, later getting deeper.

Dr. Sandro Tomita will restore a tooth by removing the decay, which may include parts of the enamel and dentin, and then filling the cavity.

Some restorative materials are:

  • Gold: This material was often used in the past, but it is not common anymore. Be that as it may, our dentist feels that it is the best restorative material ever used. It is biocompatible, resists marginal infiltration, and is long-lasting service. Gold is not widely used due to its high cost, technical issues difficulties, and color.
  • Dental Amalgam: For a long time, this was one of the most widely used dental materials. The “amalgam” refers to a mixture of finally ground metals that may include silver, copper, platinum, and mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal that is neurotoxic and may accumulate in the body. In high concentrations, it may cause serious health problems. The bad reputation of this material originates on this fact. Some researchers say that the mercury from these fillings leaks in your mouth and penetrates your body. The fact is that there were extensive research which did not find any correlation between the presence of these fillings and disease. The advocates of this material say that the Mercury combine with the other metals becoming an inert substance. The opponents of its use say that the mixture may not be complete and the free mercury can leak into the body. Its use had decline drastically over the years. It is relatively cheap, easy to use, and durable material.
  • Composite Resin: This is the famous white filling or cosmetic filling. This material is a combination of plastic and powdered glass, which includes silica as a filler. The main advantage of this material is its esthetics. The new resins mimic and blend with the surrounding tooth structure perfectly. This is the most widely used restorative material today.

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