We do not currently offer orthodontic care at Corporate Pointe Dental , however, we have a network of highly skilled and experienced professionals to whom Dr. Sandro Tomita can refer you. We believe that orthodontics is a highly specialized field of dentistry, and we will be happy to help you find an orthodontist. Some orthodontists work better with adults, while others specialize in treating children. Our dentist in Culver City, California, will look at your case and recommend an orthodontist for you.

The orthodontist takes care of your braces, but you will need to have your teeth cleaned and have any problem taken care of before you  start  your treatment; and you will still need regular dental care. We work closely with your orthodontist and may request that your orthodontist correct issues that concern us, and that may had been overlooked by the Orthodontist. It is important than any issues we detect are addressed before your braces are removed.

Please contact our office at 310-417-8177 to for more information.


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