TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects the mandible or jaw bone to the base of your skull. All of the movements involved for eating, talking, and yawning are guided by this joint. It is a very complex system that includes the bones, muscles, teeth, and ligaments in that area.

You may be aware of TMJ dysfunction (TMD), especially if you experience facial pain or discomfort. Some signs of TMJ issues include a popping jaw, or painful joint, a locked jaw, pain above the ears, or ringing in the ears.

There are different causes for jaw joint dysfunction, but usually it often related to the teeth. Dr. Sandro Tomita utilizes advanced diagnostic tools to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis. Dental appliances, braces, or restorative treatment can improve the function of your jaw and reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms.

If you feel you may have TMD, we encourage you to contact Corporate Pointe Dental at 310-417-8177 for TMJ treatment in Culver City, California. Our dentist will be happy to perform an assessment and recommend an appropriate treatment.


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