Same Day Dentistry

Corporate Pointe Dental is pleased to offer you same day crowns, fillings or veneers with the E4D Dentist System.  Ask today if you might be a candidate for these clinically proven, natural looking restorations in a single visit.

The E4D Dentist system allows the doctor to take a clean, fast digital scan, so you can avoid the inconvenience and wait associated with conventional dental techniques.  Watch your unique restoration come to life thanks to the chairside design center.

Corporate Pointe Dental is equipped with an onsite milling center that creates your ultimate crown, filling or veneer while you wait, so it can be permanently seated in your mouth the same day, letting you avoid the hassle of a temporary.

With E4D dentistry, we can offer you modern dentistry that fits your modern lifestyle.

Ask today if an E4D restoration is right for you.