Teeth Whitening in Culver City, California

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, can enhance the appearance of your smile by brightening teeth that are dark, discolored, or stained. It is natural for a person to want whiter teeth, since they make your smile look clean and healthy.

A person’s tooth color is impacted by many different factors:

  • Naturally dark teeth: The tooth color is mostly determined by the color of the internal portion of the teeth, also known as the dentin. Some people have yellow teeth those cases often respond well to the whitening process.
  • Dark color caused by external factors: In the past, tetracycline, an antibiotic, was widely used to treat infections in infants. The result of this treatment can be teeth that are a dark grey color. These stains are the most difficult to whiten, and may be resistant to whitening treatments. In some cases, to achieve the best results, the teeth have to be covered with porcelain veneers to improve their color.
  • An excessive intake of fluoride when a person is young may cause discoloration. This is called fluorosis.
  • Aging: Certain food, drinks or may contain pigments that can discolor the teeth. Smoking can also affect tooth color. The teeth are very hard and are usually resistant to external factors, but over time, the repetitive exposure to colors and chemicals can cause discoloration. Often, this discoloration can be resolved by the whitening process.
  • Trauma or Root Canal treatment: You may have heard that a Root Canal treatment can darken teeth. This is not necessary true. The darkness is caused by internal bleeding in the pulp, of the tooth. The blood penetrates the dentin, and when it breaks down it results in a dark color. This is the result which of the presence of iron from the red blood cells. Trauma can also be a cause of discoloration, brought on by internal bleeding, and from internal calcification, which is the tooth’s natural defense. This type of discolorations may not respond well to external whitening, and may requiring that the whitening solution be applied internally.

Teeth Whiteners

There are several teeth whitening products in the market today, such as:

  • Toothpaste: Some toothpaste products contain peroxide, and the manufacturers claim that you’ll have whiter teeth. It may help reduce the degree of discoloration a little, but is less likely to do so with the more resistant types of discoloration.
  • Whitening Strips and other over-the-counter products: These products are more effective than toothpastes, but since they are OTC products, the concentration of the peroxide solution is lower than what is one administered at a dental office. Consequently, they may have a limited effect.
  • Professional Whitening: This is the safest and most effective method for whitening teeth.

There are “one hour” or “laser” whitening techniques that, based on our experience, offer temporary results. The teeth may initially show a very intense white color, but this is caused by the dehydration of the enamel. After a day or so, the teeth rehydrate, and the discoloration returns. Also, some patients may experience a great deal of tooth sensitivity.

At Corporate Pointe Dental, Dr. Sandro Tomita usually recommends the use of the plastic trays, and will use a whitening solution in the proper concentration for you. The concentration will depend on the degree and type of discoloration, and the sensitivity of your teeth. This is a controlled method that we have found to be the most effective. Teeth whitening is safe when done correctly. Some patients may experience varying degrees of sensitivity, but it should go away as after your treatment. Please contact us at 310-417-8177 for a visit with our Culver City, California, dentist.


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