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Your first visit to our office will start a new relationship that hopefully will last for years. Our patients are treated the way we would like to be treated. We want our patients to feel as comfortable as if they are visiting a family member or a friend.

Our dentist in Culver City will provide a thorough exam which will include X-rays, a review or your health and dental histories. The dentist will address your primary concerns. Your visit will include a cleaning and exam. If necessary, we can help with pain management, or a dental emergency. When you schedule your appointment, be sure to let us know about any conditions or issue that concern you. We pride ourselves on our individual attention to each patient.

We also understand that patients who suffer from dental anxiety may need more time to relax and become accustomed to our office. Our staff will be happy to set up an introductory visit for you. We can take our time, and follow a protocol that Dr. Sandro Tomita refers to as “Patient Desensitization” to allow you to become comfortable in our office at your own speed. We offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas to ease your anxiety. Dental anxiety or a dental phobia can be managed and controlled with understanding and care. Please contact our office today at 310-417-8177 to plan your visit in Culver City, California.


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Includes Exam, X-Rays & Cleaning

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